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I  just added links to the Blogroll feature.  I didn’t realized that it would all display separately on the side, sometimes even multiple times, depending on the categories that you assign to it.  I fixed it, but now I have a lot of unused categories.  lol Oh well.  I’ll figure it out…



Pilot Episode

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So, this is my very first entry in this blog on this site. This is basically just a test. I am researching blog sites for a group at my school. I actually created an account here because I feel that this is is, as they say, cool?

lulz I sound like a freak, don’t I?

I look forward to playing around with my templates and the CSS and maybe even turning this blog into something more. It will be fun to get my groups blog up and running, too! ^_^

Toodles & Noodles, peeps! Watch for more! kisses! xxxx


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