deviantART hosts Square Enix contest

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I think it seems like fun.  I would enter if I could draw.  But alas, I cannot.  😦

Also, WordPress has a new dashboard.  It seems nice, has great organization, but I hate the orange.  :/



Hard Mode is Hard…

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So, I finally got my copy of Crisis Core today, along with the Shin-Ra UMD case.

Crisis Core

Seems like quite a lot of fun so far, however…I had to try to prove myself by playing on Hard Mode. ¬_¬

I haven’t even gotten past Wutai yet.  I keep dieing.  Each time I get just a tiny bit further, yet…I die.  I always die.  I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had to watch Zack mention to Angeal that he’s never seen him use the Buster Sword before, then have Angeal explain how using the sword would wreck and and waste it.

I’m still near the beginning, so it wouldn’t be a total waste to start over on normal mode.  But then…I have too much pride.  And what would Angeal say about pride?  HOLD ON TO IT!!!!

So I guess I’m SOL.  I’ll eventually figure it out…

I’m also having a hard time getting the picture to work on my TV when I hook my PSP up to it.  Are PSP’s only compatible with HD-TVs?


What Are You?

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So…I get email from DSW telling me about special sales and promotions and coupons and what not. It’s all good and fine. In fact, here’s a recent coupon that you can actually print out and use:

DSW image

coupon barcode

It’s two seperate images.  You’re going to want to save them first so you get the whole thing, or right (control) click and select “View Image”.  I know, I should probably not host my pictures on Photobucket, but as for right now I’m too poor to do otherwise.

Anyway, I have a gripe. My gripe is with the pair of shoes second from the right. The orange ones. Have you ever seen anything so hideous in your entire life?

This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten an email about them, either.

It comes in three different colors?

Would that shoe be cute as a wedge? Maybe, probably.

Would that shoe be cute with a defined heel? Yes, I think it would.

Is that shoe cute trying to be both? No.

DSW what are you thinking trying to carry such an ugly shoe? Or am I alone in my hate for it?

Watch, I’ll probably start liking it now that I’ve declared my hatred for it. That tends to happen to me a lot.


Test your MIGHT!

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Square Enix has made their members site available to the American (and Canadian, I think) public. Just go to and click on the Members Site tab.

In celebration of the North American release of Crisis Core WHICH IS TOMORROW (unless you illegally downloaded the copy that got leaked on the internet) they have a cute little game available for members to post on their blogs. If you can get a score of 60 or more, you get a free wallpaper. Nothing special, but it’s a nice wallpaper with a nice picture of Zack.

But of course the game doesn’t work on WordPress. 😦

There’s also supposed to be an exclusive interview with the Crisis Core director, plus you can make your own Shinra ID card:

Have fun. 🙂


New Stuff of the Moment…

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I changed these things on my sidebar a few days ago, but I am just now making an actual entry about them.  And yes, everything on there is old.  Daxter has been out for a while, Marie Antoinette came out in 2006, and The Golden Compass was published in 1997.  Oh well, these are still the things that I am into right now.

I’ve already beaten the storyline of Daxter, but I have gotten 100% completion in the game, so I’m currently working on that.  I was really surprised when I came to the end of the story.  It was way shorter than I thought it would be.

Marie Antoinette I watched for the first time last fall and a friend of mine bought me for Christmas.  I really haven’t been able to get out and see many movies lately, so I really have seen anything new that really excites me yet.  I want to see Cloverfield, but none of my friends do.  But hopefully it will be at the dollar theater soon.  If so, I’m just going to bite the bullet and see it.

The Golden Compass is a charming book, mainly because the main character, Lyra, is so likable.  I was quite surprised by her early on in the book, especially at how daring she was and the fact that her and her little friends liked to secretly smoke cigarettes.  I had to laugh at that.

And the Marie Antoinette soundtrack is two discs of pure love. I highly recommend that everyone who likes music to go out and buy it.  You will not be disappointed. 🙂


I’m back…and I brought a PSP with me…

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So here is the entry that will herald my return to this blog.  I’m going to be doing more with it, rest assured!  I want this to be a real, honest-to-God, big blog.  Aimed at women who like games and other nerdy stuff but are also, well, still normal women (I’m quite girly myself).

Either way, I just recently got myself a PSP.

It was part of the bundle that included Daxter and Family Guy: The Freakin’ Sweet Collection.  I only paid $159.99 when elsewhere that bundle sells for at least $200.  It pays to shop around.  Oh yeah.

I was thinking about getting a white PSP, but after some though I realized that I didn’t like the way that the white ones looked.  Nor did I like the black ones, either.  However I thought that silver was a very pretty color, so I decided on that.

I must say, the PSP is different than I thought it would be.  I feel like I’m going to break it.  It doesn’t feel very sturdy at all, and the plastic feels cheap.  Also, I don’t have a case yet, and so the silver ring on the back already has scratches from spending only a couple hours in one of the pockets in my purse.  Good thing I got a screen protector.

Also, I was amused with the prospect of using it to surf the internet at first, but I highly doubt I’ll be using it to surf often.  It doesn’t feel very convenient at all, but maybe that’s only because I’m not used to it yet.  Only if an emergency pops up, or I get really insanely bored.  (or if it’s my turn to post in the Hurt/Heal thread over at the FFVII Compilation forums and I don’t have a computer handy.  Gotta keep Zack alive!).

However, the PSP has a very nice interface.  It looks great, handles well, and is relatively easy to navigate.  I have my background set to a very girly pink color.  XD

And Daxter is quite a lot of fun to play.  It’s a rather childish game, but that’s where half the fun lies.  Daxter is quite the likable mischivious goof.  I’ve actually never played any of the Jak & Daxter or its sequels, but I just might be interested in giving those three games a try after this.  For a girl that was starting to lose interest and heart in games Daxter has renewed it.

As for Family Guy, well, I have a friend who has the Freakin’ Sweet Collection on DVD.  I prefer watching it on TV while reclining on the couch, but I guess it will be nice if I am ever traveling and need a good laugh.  I think I can understand why UMD’s never really caught on now.

Either way, I have my copy of Crisis Core pre-ordered, and hopefully I’ll get it within a couple days of its release, if not before or on that day.  That game is the reason why I even got a PSP in the first place.

So, as someone who isn’t totally hardcore, I think it was all a worthwhile investment.


Super Bowl XLII: Best AD

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Giants won. Happy about that but only because I hate Randy Moss. Sorry Patriots. 😦

Otherwise I have no opinion on either the Giants or the Patriots.

But that’s not what is important. What IS important are the ads.

Here’s my favorite:

So cute ^_^



October 24, 2007 at 9:49 am | Posted in blog | 1 Comment

Yeah, yeah, I started this blog then kind of abandoned it.  Don’t worry, I’ll get around to updating again soon… 🙂


SquareEnix Party Crisis Core Trailer

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Try not to cry, fanboys.  This one’s a tear-jerker.

You will find translations here:

*wipes eyes with tissue*  😥


High-resolution Crisis Core scan

August 18, 2007 at 3:20 pm | Posted in blog, Crisis Core, Final Fantasy, video games | Leave a comment

A higher resolution scan of the render of Cloud in his grunt uniform is now floating about the intarwebz.

The site is in French but I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out. lol


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