What Are You?

March 26, 2008 at 10:02 pm | Posted in fashion, fun, Humor, shoes | Leave a comment
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So…I get email from DSW telling me about special sales and promotions and coupons and what not. It’s all good and fine. In fact, here’s a recent coupon that you can actually print out and use:

DSW image

coupon barcode

It’s two seperate images.  You’re going to want to save them first so you get the whole thing, or right (control) click and select “View Image”.  I know, I should probably not host my pictures on Photobucket, but as for right now I’m too poor to do otherwise.

Anyway, I have a gripe. My gripe is with the pair of shoes second from the right. The orange ones. Have you ever seen anything so hideous in your entire life?

This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten an email about them, either.

It comes in three different colors?

Would that shoe be cute as a wedge? Maybe, probably.

Would that shoe be cute with a defined heel? Yes, I think it would.

Is that shoe cute trying to be both? No.

DSW what are you thinking trying to carry such an ugly shoe? Or am I alone in my hate for it?

Watch, I’ll probably start liking it now that I’ve declared my hatred for it. That tends to happen to me a lot.



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